Community Action Plan

The community action plan is one of the participatory tools used to build the capacity of community members in taking action in accordance with the problems, needs, and potential of the community. It is a road map for implementing community change and delivery of essential services by clarifying what will be done, who will do it and how it will be done. The plan describes what the community wants to achieve, what activities are required during a specified time period, and what resources (money, people and materials) are needed to be successful.

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A community action plan becomes a framework for implementing the activities that are decided by the community itself. It is important to understand that the community should be the main actors in preparing their own community action plan. Producing the action plan helps people to take realistic and concrete steps toward participatory development planning in order to improve the services important to them. By bringing everyone together to think and discuss resources and group involvement, this tool increases awareness about the skills and resources already available in the community.

A community event will be held in May 2023 to start the process of pulling together a community action plan.

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