Greenspace Project

The Growing Living Greenspaces initiative works with community groups across Aberdeenshire to support biodiversity improvements through planting projects.

The aim is to develop practical improvements within council-owned greenspaces to help improve the variety of wildlife and reduce carbon output. This will likely lead to fewer well-kept grassy areas but it will increase the number of natural spaces, trees planted, woodland areas and wildflower meadows. The main aim of the project is to develop sites which allow the community to decide what they want from greenspaces, and what is realistic to introduce and manage long term.

Phase 1 – Complete

Tree, shrub and perennial planting to the area in front of Messer J Smith (FIsh Sheds).

Greenspaces Initiative | Phase 1 | Tree Planting

Phase 2 – Community Planting Day 3rd April 2023

Tree and shrub planting to the grassed area behind the bungalows on Seaview Road.

Phase 3 – TBC

Wildflower Planting on grassed area by postbox on The Bents

Phase 4 – TBC

Wildflower Planting on grassed area by SUDS Surf School.

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